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Understanding Steering System

Updated: Jun 11

Great handling of the car makes you feel safe and in total control. With little efforts to move the wheel should direct the steering system effortlessly and precisely to move towards the required direction. The entire function of the steering your car is due to a well-designed suspension & a good quality steering system achieve the excellent handling. Ever wondered about anatomy of the Steering System ?

Let’s understand some basics about the same below.

Your car's steering system includes everything from the steering wheel, steering axle, rack and pinion, and gearbox (aka gearbox) to the connections to the wheels themselves.

Parts of the steering and suspension system

Center Links

Idler Arms/Pitman Arms

CV Joints/Boots

CV Axle Half Shafts

Rack and Pinion Units

Tie Rod Ends/Sleeves

Shock Absorbers


Ball Joints


Sway Bar Links

Best Steering System Manufacturer in India


Almost every car has a steering wheel assistance or support mechanism; Some are hydraulic with a steering fluid reservoir, while others use electrical assistance. Electric power steering is more common these days, which is good because you won’t then need that fluid and requires less maintenance.


The most common problem you will see with the steering system is linkage problems. The tip of the bar or crossbar i.e Tie rod or rod end is the main link that helps you maneuver or control the vehicle. But as the rods wear out, it is more difficult to maintain proper alignment and eventually leads to lose control of the steering.

If you're having trouble driving your car, it's important to get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible. It is dangerous for you and other road users if you lose control of your vehicle due to steering problems. At SMPL we are a leading supplier of steering parts. Please click here to view our product range at 4 Wheelers.


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