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Top 8 most common symptoms of clutch failure

Updated: Jun 11

The truck clutch plate is an important part of the manual transmission that enables shift between gears. If it is malfunctioning or any part of the clutch is damaged or worn out, one experiences problems and it can lead to even more damage to the transmission.

We will try to list down some of the common symptoms of a worn out or damaged clutch.

Here are 8 most common symptoms of clutch failure

1. Low Acceleration

If engine is revving but the vehicle doesn’t seem to be accelerating accordingly, this is a sign of a clutch issue or some transmission related problem that you should get checked immediately.

2. Grinding or noisy gear shifts

If the gears really grind hard i.e make a sound of being forced every time you shift (or when shifting to or from specific gears), there is something within the clutch system that probably faulty. While, it could also be the driver just not shifting smoothly or not pressing the clutch all the way down. When the grinding or the noise is persistent regardless of how smoothly the shift is made, it is more likely to be a problem related to clutch.

3. Loose or delicate Clutch Pedal

When the truck’s clutch pedal feels very loose and weak (the clutch drops to the floor with little or no effort), this definitely is a sign that the clutch plate is worn out or there is an problem in the clutch assembly.

4. Hard Clutch Pedal

While at times one may feel that clutch pedal is hard or it takes a lot more effort than it used to when the pedal is pressed down, this too is a sign of a faulty truck clutch plate.

5. Other Noises

Apart from grinding, one may hear other noises when there is a faulty clutch. These noises can be squeaky or screeching sound when clutch pedal is pressed. Any unusual noise like these are a warning sound. Its time to visit mechanic to get these checked.

6. Doesn’t get into Gear

An obvious sign of bad clutch plate is when your vehicle’s gear do not get engaged at all or keeps throwing out of gear. This is a major sign of transmission related issue or clutch and warrants an immediate check.

7. Gear dis engagement

This may or may not be a problem of a clutch, but it definitely requires a check when your commercial vehicle whether light, heavy or small won’t stay in gear or simply slips out of the gear during a drive. It is not safe for sure but is a common warning of transmission damage.

8. Burning Smell

The noisy gear shifts & a struggling clutch lead to bad metal-on-metal friction causing a burning smell. Like with strange noises, any unusual smells while driving prompts an immediate check with mechanic.

These are some common signs of potential clutch failure & possible transmission-related issues. To keep your trucks running smooth you must always pay attention to these signs and saves you from the longer downtime of the trucks.

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