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Top 5 Common signs of Car suspension system problems

Updated: Jun 11

Your suspension endeavors to guarantee peaceful driving by smoothening the obstacles and giving foothold to your car by keeping the wheels on the ground as much as could reasonably be asked for. Having said that, how can one know if something is off with your suspension?

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Here we would share are a few normal indications of a potential suspension issue.

1. Pulling aside while driving

Assuming you notice your vehicle is pulling towards once side or the other while you're driving, the issue lies with your tires, your suspension or your brakes.

Tires should be adjusted with precision like camber, caster and toe in, to guarantee a smooth ride. Check your tire treads to ascertain whether they are wearing equally, and make sure that the tires are adequately filled with right air pressure, as worn out or flat tires do affect your steadiness while driving.

Assuming the issue go on after you have really looked at your tires, now check your suspension. Would you be able to recognize any indications of wear or damage on your suspension or control arms? In the event that you don't know about the thing you're searching for, it's ideal to check with a mechanic as suspension issues can have genuine safety threats.

2. Hard landing on Bumps

One of the basic jobs of the suspension is to smoothen the bumps out. Assuming you begin to feel each bump on the road, it's an obvious indicator that there is an issue with your suspension & that should be checked

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A simple check is the “Bounce Test”. Basically pushing your whole weight down on your vehicle's front & release and count the number of times the vehicle bounces. Now if its bouncing more than 3 or 4 times , it’s a best indicator of an issue with suspension.

The other test basically relies upon whether the car has struts or shock absrobers.

Assuming your vehicle has shock absorbers, look for spillage of the liquid or fluid that dampens the shock. Furthermore, assuming your vehicle has struts, listen closely for for the knocking sound while driving over the obstacles like bumps or speed breakers. If there is the sound, its an issue.

3. Slant towards a corner

Assuming you notice that one corner of your vehicle is lower than the others, there's a decent chance your car has a worn out or damaged spring in the suspension. You may likewise hear a thumping sound and a rough roll over on the speed breakers or potholes.

To check this, ensure your tires are accurately and similarly air filled. And if that one corner is still leaning onto its side, once again push your whole weight down but now on the boot of the vehicle and observe how the suspension responds. A squeaking or screeching sound will confirm that you need a mechanic to check your suspension.

4. Trouble controlling steering

When your steering becomes hard, especially during drive at low speeds, it’s a high degree of chance that there may be trouble with your suspension or steering systems. It could be due to any of the below

  • Low power steering fluid

  • A faulty power steering pump

  • A leaking power steering rack

  • Worn out control arm bushings.

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5. Nose Dive

If any of the below is yes for your vehicle:

  • Plunge forward (for example inclines forward) when you brake?

  • Rolls aside (for example inclines from side-to-side) when you corner?

  • Squats in reverse (for example inclines in reverse) when you speed up?

Then the chances that there may be an issue with your struts or shock absorbers, are very high. This can also be checked by the bounce test as elaborated earlier. In the event that there is an issue with the suspension, it is advised to seek the technical help as the issue with suspension can be a major safety concern.

Since it’s a hazard for safety, you should immediately seek technical assistance and get the issue rectified.

Oil Marks on Suspension

As suggested by lot of experts doing a visual check of your suspension in regular stretches, helps detecting the problem early. Assuming you notice that your suspension has oily marks there is are chances that there is a leakage of oil. This implies they won't be working as you would want them to, so it's recommended that you should get them checked by a technician.

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