• Sona Mandhira

Signs to know when Suspension Bushing Kit needs to change

Bushings are rubber pads that are part of the vehicle's suspension system. The purpose of bushings is to absorb or dampen the effect of bumps or the shocks while driving on the road. Its due to good and working bushing’s that adds on to a smoother riding experience. Since bushings are rubber parts and located along the high friction or impact places around suspensions, they tend to wear out.

1. Unstable braking If you experience a sudden drop in efficiency of brake, it may be due to damaged suspension bushing. Other signs that you may notice could be clunking noise, coming from control arm and followed with a bump, braking, or hard turn.

2. Steering issues When the suspension bushes begin to fail, the first indicators is that of steering issues. The steering system may begin to show lower response, especially during higher speeds. The driver may even feel vibration in the steering wheel during the drive or while braking.

3. Uneven tyre wear out When you notice uneven or irregular wearing of the tyres, it usually indicates issues in the alignment, which can be due to the wornout bushings.

4. Low performance and comfort Worn out or damaged bushing will adversely affect driving performance and comfort. Since the purpose of the suspension bushing is to reduce the impact of small bumps and knocks, a damaged one will not be able to cushion and hence resulting in rough or bumpy rides.

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