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How Aftermarket Spare parts benefit you

Updated: Jun 11

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A car is an amalgamation of various spare parts, literally. Choosing the right spare parts is a very crucial factor in deciding the good running and long life of your car. There are lot different words that one comes across like OEM & Aftermarket etc. Let’s take you through these and understand how Aftermarket parts benefits you.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM spare parts can be made by the same company which manufactures the products for the carmaker or other manufacturers who make components for multiple carmakers. For instance, the suspension or steering or shock absorbers for car companies like Maruti, Tata, Mahindra etc may be made by some other manufacturer on the pre decided designs. Specs and quality. Which later is assembled by the car manufacturers in their facilities. These same spares when packed in the car companies box is called OEM part. There can be multiple manufacturers for the same spare parts and supplied at same time. These all parts are strictly manufactured under the exact specifications set by the carmakers.

Whereas the Aftermarket car spare parts are seen as a direct replacement for OEM spares . Aftermarkets spare parts have a very wide range of pricing and quality. The consumers can directly procure these parts through the local markets and make a choice on quality of the products and price they want to. In fact, Aftermarket spare parts offer more variety and are easily available in retail outlets for spare parts.

On the contrary, Original Equipment Manufacturer spare parts lack easy availability and higher cost. OEM spare parts are generally priced higher than aftermarket.

There are several aftermarket brands that have established or are renowned for superior quality products than OEM as well.

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Now lets understand benefits of Aftermarket spares?

1. Easy Availability: The foremost advantage of aftermarket spare parts is availability. This is because there are various manufacturers making the spare parts and most of the car owners look for options to make their car repair and maintenance affordable.

2. Affordability or Pricing : Aftermarket spare parts cost way lesser than the OEM parts. Again, as there are various manufacturers for the same part, they are variably priced by manufacturers based on quality. Aftermarket parts save money.

3. Quality Spare Parts: Aftermarket companies like Sona Mandhira work to build quality products and hence are looked up to provide good quality spare parts.

4. Compatibility with Models: Another great advantage of Aftermarket parts is compatibility with various models. Sona Mandhira spare parts are manufactured and tested to match the correct specification and hence are compatible.

Hence Aftermarket spare parts help the car owners to enjoy the benefits of car ownership at lower cost for maintenance

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