• Sona Mandhira

6 Essential car brake tips you need to know

Brakes are the most important safety part for your car. The brakes if don’t work properly, could put you, your passengers and other traveller on the road in great danger including risk of life. We have collated some good practices together to increase your brake pads and linings life.

Timely brake fluid change

Most of the cars have hydraulic brake. To elaborate on hydraulic braking, when brakes are deployed they stop the car due to the pressure from brake fluid. The brake system is completely sealed to maintain this pressure and hence the fluid should be changed timely and maintained.

Do not over speed

A sudden brake on high speed is damaging for brakes as they wear out due to friction and barking at high speed causes more friction. The braking system operates by reducing the speed by directly slowing the tyres which leads to friction. Therefore, maintaining a moderate speed leads to reduced unnecessary brakes.

Avoid left foot braking

Yes we know the city driving is exhausting. Yet it’s advisable to not use the left foot to brake as the pressure mounted by left foot is much heavier and your right foot is.

Avoid overloading your car

The additional weight on the car leads to more pressure on brakes. If the cars is heavy then the brakes will need to put more effort to stop vehicle. This leads to faster wearing out for the brakes. Its best to not overload your car.

Overheating brakes

Brakes heat up on regular use, especially in hills. This needs to be avoided and best practices suggest maintaining a regular speed, avoiding rushed driving (driving fast at spurts and braking at the corners), continued use of brake pads. Some drivers keep the brake pedal pressed which also leads to heating of the brakes.

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