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5 Signs your car air filters need replacement

Cars need air and fuel to run smoothly and. Air is channelized through the Air filter which blocks the dust, leaves and other impurities from entering the car engine. Over the long haul, this engine air filter can get worn out or clogged or blocked and this can adversely affect the functioning of the engine of the car. It's essential to get filters replaced on a regular basis. We will take you through some of the signs that will help you figure out if your car's air filter needs replacement.

1. A Dirty or Discolored Filter

Probably the least demanding method for recognizing an air filter that warrants a replacement is a simple visual inspection. A spotless and new air filter will be mostly white in colour however over a period it will get hazier as it accumulates residues and soil. Assuming that your car air filter looks extremely brown and messy, it very well could be time to replace the same. In the event that you're uncertain about the condition, you can seek professional help of mechanics to help you determine the requirement

2. Odd Engine Noises

Vehicles make a variety of noise, and you don't need to stress over each and every one. In any case, assuming you notice the abrupt occurrence of popping sounds when your car is idle, it's conceivable that the air filter needs a change. These sounds might be brought about by air filter that are choked or blocked and therefore air fuel mixture is disturbed.

3. Check Engine Light

Drivers notice the "Engine" light showing up on their dashboards occasionally. This light can have various implications. It very well may be associated with air filter being the issue. In the event that the air filter is blocked and engine is receiving insufficient air, the light can turn on consequently. It's vital to check for the probable cause to find out the reason for this warning light and not overlook it.

4. Dark Smoke from the Exhaust

It's never a good sign when dark smoke comes puffing out of your vehicle's exhaust. This is ordinarily an indication of a clogged up air filter. It happens because the car doesn’t get enough air and the fuel is not burnt completely. You may also see flames or sparks appearing from the exhaust as the unburned fuel begins to burn. If you seeing these symptoms the chances are you have a long pending air filter replacement.

5. Low Fuel Economy

Dirty Air filter can restrict airflow into the car’s engine, and if the engine doesn’t have enough air to operate, it ends up burning extra fuel. This translates into lower mileage and extra burden on your finances. Due to this you would also see your car struggling to reach its performance.

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